Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Will you remember today forever?

The London Underground is the most joyless, loveless, godless place outside an agency. And at least agencies have at least a few decent ads in them. I was bemoaning the fact there has NEVER been a decent tube ad when I remembered this single shining beacon of good ad-ness from years ago, by the dudes at Kitcatt Nohr (it’s enough to big-up a competitor, I’m not linking to them too).

For me it’s everything that’s right about a pure copy ad. Each sentence leads onto the next so effortlessly that you’re powerless to do anything other than read to the end.

Also, it uses the medium brilliantly. I know I certainly question the point of it all as I sit on my way to work, trying to avoid eye contact with pregnant women and the elderly. It taps into that ‘What the hell am I doing spending my life trying to flog pointless crap?’ mindset and makes you take a step back and look at what’s important, which is pretty impressive for an ad.

Finally, the call to action couldn’t be any stronger if it slapped you all around the tube carriage, then stuck a phone in your hand and a gun to your head. And it’s nicely integrated into the piece rather than just tacked on the end.

It’s weird that more tube cards don’t follow this format. You get so bored on the tube, you’d happily read ads. But usually either the type’s too small or, bizarrely, they follow a billboard format. Which is daft.

So that’s one decent tube card I can think of in the history of the universe. Have I missed any?

By the way, if you’re considering helping VSO, don’t. They don’t need us. They need people who can actually do real stuff. Sorry.

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  1. I like that ad very much. It's rare for an ad to make you think about your life, this one does.