Monday, March 30, 2009

WARNING: client sat opposite Carol

It’s quite common for clients to come and work in our office for a day. Fine. Not sure what’s wrong with their office, but fine.
What’s weird is, whenever they do, someone in account handling will send an email round warning everyone to be on their best behaviour.
I don’t get this. What exactly do we do when clients aren’t around that is likely to so appal them?
I’d understand it if every lunchtime I paraded around the office with only a marker pen to cover my modesty (okay, fineliner.) Or chased the girls around the office a la Benny Hill. Then, perhaps, their email would be justified.
But even then, probably not. I reckon most clients would be delighted if we did something a bit mental. They could return to their office and tell everyone what ‘those kooky agency guys’ were up to. They must watch movies portraying the zany things that go on in agencies and be so disappointed when they see the reality.
What we should be saying is ‘There’s a client sat next to me. Please someone do something interesting before they realise we’re just as dull as they are’.


  1. Ahh, I remember this happening in Partners. Strangely, where I am now we get an email saying "there's a client in today. Big smiles everyone, do something interesting/fun!"

    Which I muchly prefer.

  2. I think it's more to avoid anyone shouting "The Client's a C**T! A C**T, I say!" while smacking their face off the keyboard in a bloody blur. Or at least to ensure they're doing it in the knowledge that the Client's sitting a couple of yards away from them should they choose to do it anyway. You make a fair point though. Personally, I'd welcome the Benny Hill element.

  3. Most insightful thing I've read all day!

    However AdLand Suit does have a point about a particular part of the female anatomy.