Friday, January 30, 2009

Scott’s Diary

Scott, the studio dude, is locked in a room with no windows or hope, retouching shots in a campaign for the TOP SECRET new Rolls Royce (codename RR4).
The poor chap’s been in there since early December. We let him out for a few days over Christmas to see his family, but his son cried so much about the strange man with a beard and dead eyes that he returned to work early.
For posterity, I asked Scott to chronicle his day:

0900 Go IN THERE.
0903 Sit at desk and stare at screen in horror.
0933 Start-up computer.
0935 Need coffee.
0936 Scurry back into room, nursing coffee scalds, hotly pursued by Militant Account Girl demanding print-outs.
0937 Begin work.
0939 Give in to despair.
1100 Decide there’s always hope.
1101 Give in to despair again.
1120 Decide to jump out of window.
1130 Realise there are no windows.
1131 Jump into door.
1300 Drift back into consciousness, dimly aware of lunch tray being repeatedly rammed into skull by Militant Account Girl trying to pass it under door.
1301 Push lunch back in disgust.
1301 Immediately regret it and try to retrieve lunch. Fail. Gnaw on mouse pad for sustenance.
1400 Prepare for client feedback meeting. Vow not to take any more comments.
1403 Meekly agree to all comments.
1405 Begin client amends – “make the colours more emotional”
1406 Ram fists into eyes in attempt to stay awake.
1700 Rudely awoken by Militant Account Girl, accompanied by Angry AD, screaming for print-outs.
1900 Decide that’s enough for the day.
1905 Curl up under desk and drift into listless sleep, dreaming of the day I get readmitted into studio.

It's okay Scott, only one more month to go.


  1. Chiming in to say that I guarantee this campaign will be really really totally worth it.

  2. HILARIOUS!!! Really great blog!