Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Copywriters. An embarrassment to ourselves and you.

I tried to dress up a bit today for a client meeting. And everyone else in the team has dressed down in case they get attacked by the slavering packs of anarchists. And still, I look like their scruffy country cousin.
Writers are undoubtedly the worst dressed people in an agency. When you look at a team, you can usually tell which one’s the writer because they’ll look like they got dressed in the dark in a charity shop. This is because writers are consumed with the great questions of life and not interested in shallow stuff like wearing clothes that look good or go together.
Whereas the art director will be sporting a carefully considered outfit, having made full use of the colour wheel to identify complementary colours. They have often also used hair product to good effect. This is because all art directors are pathetic narcissists.
Let’s look at a single example and apply it across the board in order to prove my point beyond question.

Debonair dandy in a scarf.


On a similar note, I’ve found myself in the unfortunate position of wearing matching outfits with my Creative Director two days in a row now. Yesterday, checked shirts. Today, tank tops. It’s like sharing a wardrobe with your dad.


  1. I don't think this is true for female copywriters, but I can only speak for myself.

  2. This is, as the current vernacular would dictate, LOL. My own girlfriend laughs at my insistence on choosing socks which don't clash, and my blood pressure rises when I find that I can't find the boxers I want in case my baggy waisted jeans slip a little... "no I need the ones with the RED band, Blue won't go".

    I'm not sure what that says about our breed. Devils for the detail? Or superficial?

    Anyway, enough of this debate - where's my hair spray? My fringe has slipped...

  3. Mmm, controvertial matter. some years ago I entered Cannes Lions closing galĂ  wearing no socks because I couldn't find a colour mathing with the suit. I'm an art director trapped in a copywriter body trapped in an art director outfit.

  4. you can't spell either.

  5. In the agency where I work, it's exactly the opposite of what you said. Designers/ art directors(mostly male) are all poorly dressed and writers (all girls) are always well dressed.

  6. Just because we don't wear idiotic t-shirts like 'tits out for the art director' doesn't mean we dress badly. Speaking from experience, female copywriters have immaculate taste :)

  7. Personally I find myself in the strange dilemma of wanting to dress 'like a creative director' then worrying that I'm dressed 'like a creative director'.

  8. It's no wonder we dress so poorly, we know our clothes will just get soiled by those who have the leisurely time to look cool and shit on us.