Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I thought this was worth posting.

A while ago I began the bellybutton fluff chronicles. This thought-provoking series logged my bellybutton fluff, with the aim of finding meaning in the seemingly random volume of fluff gathered from day to day.

Anyway, this morning I discovered this in my back pocket.

For those of you who can’t make out the fuzzy image, it’s actually a raisin coated in fluff.

So that just goes to show, it’s not only bellybuttons that attract this stuff.

Please add your thoughts in the comment section. It’d be great if we could have a decent debate about this.


  1. I started collecting my bellybutton fluff a while ago in a small tin on my desk. May seem like a pointless task, but I thought my bellybutton must be collecting vast amounts of this stuff for a reason, so I figured stockpiling it was the logical thing to do.

  2. You, young man, are wise beyond your years.
    When Armageddon comes one can only imagine the maddened regret of those who neglected to stockpile their fluff

  3. i have been keeping it and have actually spun it on a loom and gotten 3 new tees made out of the stuff over the years.

  4. I really hope it is only a raisin!

  5. Is this a man-only phenomena? I don't get belly button fluff. It kind of makes me sad reading about what fun you all have with yours.

  6. Are you sure this is your raisin?
    I have been keeping one in my belly button for the last couple of weeks, but thought I had lost it.
    Until now.
    If it is exactly 2.8cm long, covered in a slightly reddish brown fluff (not red, red-ish) and you don't recognise it, can you send it back and we need never talk about it again.

  7. This suggests you have either small children or mice in your house. A clue as to which is which - if your toilet paper is no longer stored on rolls but in piles on the bathroom floor then its probably children. If mice, it's probably worth double checking that it is indeed a raisin…