Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guess Whose Loos Round Two

Get ready for Round 2 of this challenging yet immensely rewarding quiz!

Guess Whose Loos is already proving to be one of the most popular agency toilet-based quizzes around at the moment.

In the past week it’s cost clients untold millions, as adland’s finest minds have stopped thinking up straplines for mince pies and eggnog and instead focused their faculties on my fiendishly difficult facility-related quiz.

Gird yourself – here comes your next instalment!

Question 1

This agency is one of my old haunts – in fact it's the last place I held down a permanent job (the last place with a working toilet, anyway).

I spent many hours locked in these cubicles, hugging the toilet and sobbing because I couldn’t face going back to my desk and staring at that idea-less layout pad.

Do these toilets belong to:
a) Lowe and Partners?
b) Partners Andrews Aldridge?
c) Goodby, Silverstein & Partners?

Question 2

Not surprisingly for such a widely read blog, we've attracted our first overseas contributor!

Connor is from the glamorous and exotic country of Dublin and has taken the time to set the scene with some very evocative copy, which I've published below.

Welcome to the salubrious surroundings of the gents bathroom, *********, Dublin.

Nestled in the basement of a four-storey restored Georgian house, this communal facility plays host to the rich and powerful of Ireland's advertising cutting edge. Occasionally they let us copywriters in too.

Luckily, I managed to snap these before the post-breakfast digestive rush had kicked in. It's a much less attractive prospect under those circumstances.

The standard three stall / three-person urinal layout is applied. It's by no means the closest facility, located as I am on the third floor. But if you want to stretch your legs and make a real occasion out of the visit, you'll find it hard to do better than down here.

Let's hope that whatever gentlemen was in residence in stall 1 wasn't put off his business too much with the sound of the iPhone shutter clicking. That explains the soft focus on the second shot - I felt a quick exit was appropriate.

Do these toilets belong to:
a) Ogilvy & Mather Dublin?
b) Adam and Eve Dublin?
c) O'Malley's Dublin?

For your chance to win a signed toilet brush, add your answer in the comments. Thank you and good luck!

And remember, if you want your toilet to be featured (and frankly, who wouldn't?) then just send your images to dave[at]davemance[dot]com


  1. Not proving very popular this time around.

  2. 1=B
    in Australia we just use the wall none of this urinal crap.