Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday round-up

Creepy sense of enjoyment

Yesterday was the Partners’ summer jolly. Unfortunately, it was a very well thought-out and enjoyable day out, which doesn’t make for a good blog post. I always feel my strength is in whinging.

However, there was a tiny fly in my ointment, provided by Marx Brothers' Coach Hire. Instead of a coach, they sent our group of window lickers this joke-on-wheels, complete with matching driver who I guess typed ‘Thorpe Industrial Park’ into the tom-tom.

When we finally did pull into the coach park you could hear the snickering of schoolkids. It was very humiliating.

The real lowlight came at the end of the day when I found myself looking around at my colleagues and actually feeling something approaching affection for them. This has never happened before – with these or any others. Really unnerving. Let’s hope the first amends brief that comes my way knocks me back into my usual state of loathing and disrespect.

Agency’s token smart person leaves

An account exec leaves today to go write a PhD on James Joyce (who?). Can’t wait for her to go, I’m so sick of her looking down her nose at me and my shelf of Jilly Coopers.

Good luck Millie.

And I’m ending on a comedy high

Surely one of the all-time-great TV comedy moments?


  1. It looks more like a dodgy re-make of "Summer Holiday".

    Where's Cliff Richard when you need him?