Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh to be mysterious

I sometimes wish I could be anonymous.

Obviously I’m anonymous when I post that self-congratulatory stuff in the comments section. Or when I leave notes for that girl in Boots about how nice her hair smells. But what I’d really like is to blog anonymously, like adland suit or not voodoo.

For starters, I’d be able to find out what my colleagues really think of this blog. At the moment they all say it’s crap, but I reckon if they weren’t trying to be polite they might say otherwise.

Also, there’d be less pressure on me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice getting high-fives from strangers as I walk down the street. Or when exotic women from marketing departments throw themselves at me. But every time someone calls out from a car window “Gosh that was an insightful and thought-provoking post! Looking forward to the next one!” I come over all shaky and queer. I worry where the next post is going to come from. And wonder how much longer I can keep up these lofty standards.

But I guess more than anything, if I posted anonymously I’d be able to make fun of people without worrying they might duff me up.

Graham smells of wee!


  1. Sometimes I wish people that people I know didn't know about my blog just so I could be more scathing in criticism of everything.

  2. Sometimes I wish I was you. Being your alter-ego is exhausting.

  3. More scathing, more real, more true and more fierce. And as an outsider, or unknown being, your blog is..intriguing..sometimes insightful, sometimes boring and sometimes mellow, but still worth a few moments of one's time for those reasons precisely. Whether it's better or worse with knowing the face behind the text..well we shall never know...

  4. It seems that this is one of those "Can't have your cake and eat it" problems.

    I'd suggest buying a bigger cake.

  5. As Graham's girlfriend I can fully verify that last statement..

  6. I can’t believe you’re going out with Graham. You could do so much better. Seriously. Do you like adland suit? He may not have a head but he’s got a lovely personality. And because he’s a suit he knows all the best restaurants. I can introduce you. Let me know.

  7. Outrageous! I may smell of wee, and have food stuck to my Art Director stubble, and have a range of coloured underpants to rival a pantone book, but dating a creative kicks ass over a suit. Phah. And to think I bigged you up RMWLC!

    I'll let you off if you tell a funny joke and let me use your new toilet. I'm easily bribed you know. Shallow sorts us Art Directors.

    And keep your double-cuffed hands off dismantlerpair adlandsuit... I know your flirtatious type.

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  9. Well, it looks like I picked the wrong fortnight to go away. All I'll say is this: Mr RMWLC has always struck me as the sort of chap who'd be a generous, tender, and ultimately self-deprecating lover; and some of the best art directors I've worked with have smelled of wee. In fact, most of them. Which is a little odd, when you stop to think about it.

    Well, hello, dsimantlerepair - how the devil are you? You look very well... Have you been away?