Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I am one today

I’d like to thank everyone that’s nurtured me through my first year of blogging.

Thank you goatee man at only dead fish, whose post on why you should blog fertilised the egg of my blogging ambition.

To Scamp, who delivered me, kicking and screaming, from the warm uterus of anonymity into the cold glare of a faintly interested readership.

To adlandsuit, grahamcreative and the many other blogging brothers and sisters who run around the garden of bloggoland with me, arguing about who is best and weeing in the sandpit of one another’s comments section. I owe you all a Chinese burn.

And most of all to you, the weirdo who lurks by the swings reading this. For the short-lived and pitiable gratification I get every time you boost my traffic stats.

I love you all XXX


  1. Happy birthday to you, Mr RMWLC. You don't look a day over 6 months.

  2. Tanti Auguri Real Men Write Long Copy.

  3. Mance you've only been back a day and still can't be arsed to do proper work. You can't even blame your carer - he's not in until Friday. Pah!

  4. Happy Birthday

    Bring back Grunders

  5. Happy birthday an' that! Hope you made a wish.

    In long copy.

  6. Happy Birthday. Being a year old now, have you been blogging potty-trained yet? I still see you're posts often contain shit. But like a 1 year old, they're still lovely and enjoyable.

    Bribe Snox and we'll have new year beer some time?

    Yours in blogging, GrahamCreative. x

  7. P.S. The 'you're' wasn't a typo - well it was, but the sentance previously read differently. I'm not THAT bad at language.

  8. Sorry - I'm a little late with this but happy blogging birthday. I'm happy that I fertilised your egg. And I hope it has given you something of what I talked about all those months ago.