Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review of 2009

Real Men Write Long Copy has never been one to lazily spout out a few half-baked thoughts on a topic two weeks after everything that could possibly be said about it has been said.

But I know you’re all hankering after my carefully considered opinion and insights on the decade’s most self-absorbed year. So here goes.

Best ad

The Facebook Whopper Sacrifice thing.

Best sandwich

Rare roast beef with melted cheese from Make Mine.

Best place to hide from having to do work

Disabled toilet/shower on the ground floor. Warm, roomy and with a lock on the door, you can comfortably spend all day in there safe from the clutches of Traffic.

Best moment of the year

Just now when Carole came round with mince pies and I made a nice cup of tea.

Best waste of time

Choosing between blogging and tweeting for this award is possibly the hardest decision of all. But I’m going to go with blogging, just for the spectacularly pathetic way I hit refresh every three minutes hoping someone’s left a comment, even when I haven’t posted anything for a week. Then, on the rare occasions someone does comment, my euphoria is immediately punctured when I see it’s only another one from snoxishere.

Best moody Campaign shot

It's been another storming year, with so many strong contenders. But this guy’s got it all: the steely gaze into the middle distance, the chiselled jaw and, just to send him over the edge, a fantastic name: Ringan Ledwidge. Mind you, I s’pose you can get away with a pose like this when you’re really good.

And with that whimper, I’m signing off for 2009. See you all in 2010 for more of the same. Or possibly even something good.



  1. Thanks for the memories.

    (I don't know what that's supposed to mean. Am wasting time before going to my work Xmas party. So there's another vote for blog over Twitter.)

  2. who cares what it means? I got a comment! It may be from someone so bored they read this blog as a last resort but it's still a comment and it still made me happy. what a loser.

  3. So it's you that keeps leaving the seat up in the disabled toilet.

    Happy Haemorrhoids !

  4. Here's another comment, in case you're still sat there refreshing.

    I forgot about that whopper thing. Quite intriguing...

  5. See you in 2010 Mr RMWLC!
    I think it's going to be a good one. I can smell it!