Thursday, January 13, 2011

It will never fly

Have you seen this rubbish?

What Spot Now shows you what's happening inside coffee shops, pubs, etc. in real time.

So you can decide whether you should pop in or whether it’s too busy and you should just go home because you’ll never meet anyone anyway and you’re destined to be alone forever.

Sadly, What Spot Now is the kind of missed opportunity that drives me crazy.

First off, it only works in Portland. That’s a 13-hour flight! By the time I get there, Starbucks could be busy again.

Worse than that, there are so many better uses for this technology.

Why don’t they have cameras in conference rooms at work, so you know when meetings are over and you can swoop in to hoover up the biscuits? Or even better, one at your local Greggs, so you know when they’ve baked a new batch of Sausage & Bean Melts.

Then there are the stalking opportunities. Cameras in houses of all the girls that ever dumped you, anyone? Yes please.

Have a look anyway. I guess it is pretty interesting.


  1. It's one of those apps, where you wonder who would be bothered to use it. Like this one...

    The day you feel you should plan the quickest way out of the tube at any given station, is the day you should really say, I could do more with my day.

  2. Maybe you should suggest Greggs looks into this:

  3. There have been so many of these location based tools released over the last few years. I guess they're being used by those people who are constantly attached to their iPhones and Androids.