Thursday, March 31, 2011

Having a baby is brilliant

Having a baby is brilliant.

Your friends make meals for you.

You get to sit up late at night watching old West Wing episodes while he snuffles and sighs asleep on your shoulder.

Your neighbours bake cakes for you.

Your other neighbours who are having a baby soon get to come round and practice holding your baby and you get to explain to them that baby poo doesn’t actually smell bad (if they’re breastfed). Just kind of smells like sour milk.

You finally have an excuse for looking so crappy all the time.

Your other other neighbours stay the night when you have to leg it to hospital because of some problem or other and they get your eldest child up and dressed and take them for breakfast with their own kids and they have a food fight and think it’s the best thing ever.

You get to administer the fantastically named Gripewater.

Having a baby is brilliant.


  1. Welcome back to the Night Shift chum...

  2. yup, all great reasons why having a baby is brilliant.

    none more so than the second one. before you become a parent, no one tells you just how many box sets you can fit into those beginning months before they start to get more active.

    maybe that's why milo's first word was 'sheeeeeeeit'.