Friday, May 29, 2009

Where are all the big names of DM?

There was a controversial article in yesterday's Campaign, bemoaning the lack of up-and-coming big talents in DM.

Quite ridiculous. I can think of several big characters at Partners alone. We’ve got Simon, who can balance a monitor on his head and walk most of the way across studio. Then there’s Bryan, who can do the Truffle Shuffle just like Chunk in The Goonies. And who could forget Carole, who can eat 100 whelks in under 2 minutes?

Why in the world these people haven't been recognised industry-wide, I don’t know. It seems that as an industry, we're still evaluating people with a very narrow set of criteria e.g. awards won, money made, etc. However, with the advent of social media, pixels and what-have-you, the playing field has radically altered.

Yet the old guard of Campaign et al, seems able to acknowledge this shift. As a result, a whole generation of agency stars is wasting away in the shadows. If this talent leaves DM for other industries (haulage, hotel and catering, IT) we all know who to blame.

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