Friday, May 15, 2009

Your insect-based questions answered

Ah, the weekend. A chance to catch up on sleep and personal hygiene.
Let me leave you with an answer to the age-old question, ‘What colour is ladybug poo?’ This cheeky insect was caught crapping on our window. It took me a few attempts to line it up so the bug was on a pale background and its poo was on a dark one. Unbelievably, I didn’t actually notice I’d lined it up with the Gaylord restaurant sign until now.
Anyway, in case you couldn’t see, the poo is just below the ladybug and slightly to the right. That’s right, it’s YELLOW! I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

While we’re on an insect theme, I should also include this shot I took a couple of weeks back of a GIANT FLY, also shot at our window. This was particularly disconcerting because it was around the time of the break-in and the fly was looking in at almost the exact place where AD’s laptop was stolen and, like I say, it was a suspiciously large fly.

I took this photo for evidence, which included my finger for scale. Unfortunately, because my hand is in the foreground it looks like a very large hand and a very small fly. But trust me, it is a FREAKISHLY LARGE FLY.
Anyway, have a good weekend.


  1. What an informative post. I've been wondering for years what colour ladybugs poo is, or indeed if they did actually poo. This post has killed two birds with one stone. Now I'll be able to rest easy this weekend.

  2. Looks like some sort of very low-level smiting is afoot.

  3. I think you'll find, in England, we say "ladybird" not "ladybug".