Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why writers make the best lovers

In the comments section a couple of weeks ago I counselled a nice young lady to ditch her art director boyfriend for a suit.

It’s not that suits make great partners, far from it. It’s just that, let’s face it, anyone (or thing) is better than an art director.

This got me wondering, why exactly is it that writers make the best lovers? It didn’t take me long to come up with some pretty compelling answers.

For starters, writers are masters at using words to woo an audience. Who could resist me leaning over and whispering into their ear, “You are so optimal”? Or the killer line, “Your combination of contemporary style and effortless performance makes you the obvious choice”.

And of course when it comes to clinching the deal, a writer really understands the value of a strong call to action e.g. “This offer [I normally point as I say this] is exclusive to you because you are a valued partner”.

Secondly, writers are used to accommodating others’ wishes (suit/planner/client comments), often when they are at odds with their own.

For example, I may have in mind the missionary position while singing along to Jason and Kylie’s classic duet ‘Especially For You’ (we just cuddle for the second half of the song).

While my partner may have in mind the double-kangaroo scissor kick position, quickly followed up by the Angry Pirate, then the Backward Death Dive, all performed to a soundtrack of Faith No More’s ‘Everything’s ruined’.

In that case, it’s my job to help us both come to a solution where we both feel happy, fulfilled and ‘listened to’.

But mainly it’s the glamour of being a writer that makes us so attractive. We are the ultimate conquest for anyone: just imagine being able to say you’ve done it with the guy who wrote the line, ‘Premium Hotels, for when luxury is all that will do’.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for the ultimate lover, I suggest you find yourself someone with zero dress sense who writes spam for a living.

(It’s only right to point out, before you start falling over yourselves to proposition me in the comments section, that I am actually taken. I’m so sorry.)


  1. Funny thing is... I think for women writers, it works the other way.
    So eventually they end up with writers too , knowing very well what lies underneath. But then, women like dressing up.

  2. Luckily Adland is off on holiday, so my relationship is safe for now, and thank God you're taken, else I'd be in real trouble!

    In fact I'm setting about writing a rival post on my blog tomorrow evening about why art directors make the best partners. Watch this space.

    Finally, there's not many remaining characters left to comment, but Snox tells me you have a really sm

  3. As you will no doubt have noticed Mance, I am wearing the self-same checked shirt that was mentioned in the linked April 1st post. However I have eschewed the tank top in favour of a pale pink cashmere v-neck pullover. Fuck, I'm turning into an AD. Or worse, a designer. Somebody save me.

  4. Just read Graham's comment. I have no idea whether Mance has a sm or not. And do not have any desire to find out.

  5. I like the fact you feel the need to clarify that. Is there some doubt whether or not you have?