Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Will they never learn?

“Hey guys, I’ve got a great idea for the agency Christmas card!”

The guy doing pelvic thrusts while standing on his chair at 2:10 is a probably the low point, although it seems churlish to try to pinpoint one.

I'm embedding this but I know it'll be disabled within hours when common sense invades one of their tiny minds.


  1. It seemed like an odd venue for a 'Malibu' promotion...

  2. It was a private video for the staff christmas party, which they posted to make a point to a client about how negative people are online... I don't get why everyone hates it so much I found it quite funny!

  3. The chap at 2:10 hired me once. He's a nice chap. Honest.

  4. Hi Ruby
    Isn’t posting it online to show how negative people are like jumping in front of a car to show the dangers of traffic? Couldn’t they just point at a squashed hedgehog or something? This analogy isn’t the best is it?
    Anyway, sorry for saying you have tiny minds Publicis. And sorry 2:10 pelvic thruster for singling you out. Well done on hiring ALS (on the basis of his pelvic thrusts?)

  5. The morning after the Publicis Christmas party


  6. Credit to 'em for doing it. It's cheesy and I love, no just like it. It's fun!

    Happy Crimbo folks!