Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shirking 9 to 5

I’m still here, it seems.

I’ve got lots of things in the pipeline. It’s just that my pipeline feels as if I’ve swallowed seven Imodium and an awful lot of red meat. What I need is some kind of freelance-contract colonic irrigation.

Of course, another week without work gives me chance to do lots of jobs around the home and spend time with my children.

So I lied to Mrs RMWLC and told her I have work.

I plan to spend the week sat on this bench between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm.

It’s not so bad, I’ve made a few friends.

This is Gerry. He’s actually dynamite in a brainstorm.

Of course, the really great thing is that I get to blog again. Great for you, I mean.

When I was working I didn’t have time to blog because I was giving my all for that agency.

Except for the times I did blog when I was working for agencies. If I blogged while working at your place, it’s because I found it such a stimulating environment that I wrote out of the overflow of my creativity which would otherwise have spilt out of me onto the floor and made a terrible mess.

So anyway, if you’re passing my park during working hours, do stop and say Hello. And bring biscuits, okay?


  1. Is Gerry free? I've a months work for him if is interested.

  2. Girl who you used to sit nearSeptember 27, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    Stop it. Stop it now. Give yourself a slap and then get up and go and make a list. This is the time to forget about work – you will be called on Thursday or Friday. Here is my personal list. I don't mind sharing it with you.

    1. Put honeymoon photos in album. It was 3 years ago after all.
    2. Put child's first year photos in album. This also a long time ago.
    3. Take child out for the day. Farm/Legoland/zoo. Do it. Take a camera.
    4. Bake a cake.
    5. See friend 'between jobs'/meet mate in lunch hour.
    6. Ring relatives.
    7. Update iPod/save photos in case of burglary.
    8. Go and see a matinee of a play.

    Good luck and remember me in 2 weeks when my gig is up.

  3. 1. Wallow in self-pity.
    2. Do it again.
    3. Ask yourself why you ever left me.

  4. Campaigner For Betterer EnglishOctober 3, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    Did you mean, "I plan to spend the week sitting on this bench"?

    Clearly, you are losing your touch.

  5. These are some good comments everyone, thank you for your loving correction and HR person, you are very funny. Snox, I didn't leave. I was forced out by your laugh.