Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A fusion of otters and home computers

Headed down to Devon at the weekend and was distraught to see how much my hometown has changed. It seems even Ottery St Mary, this last bastion of cream teas and half-day shopping on a Wednesday, has been swept up in the inexorable rise of the internet.

Net curtains are twitching and old women muttering darkly at the mention of Ottery’s very own computer shop. Inside you can buy computer-related consumables like paper and ink cartridges. I think I also saw a Commodore 64 by the counter.

I love this sign by the way. An otter. At a computer. Finally, someone has managed to combine the worlds of otters and home computers in a convincing way.

My smugness is totally justified of course – one of millions of automatons sat typing in a soulless office while the people of Ottery warm their toes in front of an open fire and tuck into another toasted crumpet.

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