Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Read it and weep, Trott

This chap, Simon Owens, did a bit of research of the top 10 most popular news blogs and found that approximately 13% of the posts involved some kind of original reporting.
That means 87% of posts didn’t contain anything the writer couldn’t find out by doing a google search.
This follows a rule of the greater blogging world. That the most successful blogs are filter blogs – those that collect and discuss stuff you can find elsewhere on t’interweb. I guess most of (but by no means all) the stuff you find on Scamp would come under this category. As opposed to Dave Trott’s blog, which is a seemingly endless stream of original stories and brilliant advice from around 4,000 years in the business.
So commenting on stuff you find=good. Writing something original=bad.
I’ve decided to implement this strategy at once. Taking yesterday’s post as a case in point, here is a more reader-enticing version.

This is a picture of someone else’s bellybutton fluff that I found.
I think this is a great piece of bellybutton fluff. What do you think?
I also did a search on google and found out some stuff about bellybutton fluff. Did you know?
• It’s made up of collected fibres that your body hair drags from your clothing.
• Contrary to popular belief, evidence suggests that bellybutton fluff comes up from underwear rather than down from your t-shirt or top.
• It has been observed that bellybutton fluff tends to be of a blue-ish tint. Sometimes it looks a little grey, sometimes purple, but generally it's a pale blue colour. The dyes in black clothing, for example, are often not actually black but a very dark blue. If you have a clothes dryer, have a look at the lint filter - that tends to be blue too.

Now I just sit back and watch the new readers flock.


  1. When does the flock of new readers start?
    Should've put a Chomsky reference in, usually does the trick. ;)