Friday, February 20, 2009

Please someone tell me how to feel about this

Is this a joke?
At first I assumed it was a mickey-take by Mac-ites.
But it’s a real product and a lot of people seem to be saying it’s genuine. Or it’s a purposely-cheesy ad for Microsoft by Crispin Porter. Crispin Porter for pity’s sake!
But isn’t it so obviously taking the piss? Or do people take this on face value?
And anyway the kid uses a Mac.
What is going on?
Please someone help me.


  1. i'm baffled, but it's too industry-obsessed not to be a spoof. i get a mixture of the same and 'that's why people hate america' when i share it. good casting.

  2. oh, and meta data shows the ms ads were produced on macs. allegedly.

  3. I stumbled on this a while back and was in shock (and pain) for at least a week. Somebody at CP&B told me he couldn't believe that people think they had something to do with it. He gave me a definite "Hell, no!". But you never know ...

    I guess it was produced with a new software called "Adsmith". Think of something spooky, hum a tune and a crappy ad will popp out.

  4. My god. Songsmith even saves marriages! It's like Wieden & Kennedy: The Musical.

    I absolutely love it. It's earnest, amusing, and more fun than you'd expect from MS.

  5. Who fucking cares whose ads are produced on what platform? Chances are, every Apple and MS ad touches every OS out there before they're broadcast. The little girl is running Parallels on her Mac -- big deal.

    Anyway, the Songsmith "viral" was done in-house at MS. They are dead serious. But it's spurred a crapload of really funny mashups:

  6. does an awesome updated songsmith version qualify as a rickroll? dare you to click here

  7. Thanks commenters. I can now update my status from 'bewildered' to 'bemused'.
    And thanks especially to Anonymous and Anonymous for those mashups, eye of the tiger almost made me choke on my morning milk chocolate digestive.
    Dunno why the stupid links aren't activated though

  8. ♪I believe this ad is a really crap
    just as Microsoft♪♫
    ♫My head does not support the sound
    of this child in a song♪♫