Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love Pret

Realmenholidayinwales is still away. Grunders is still blogging until he’s back.

Gwen Guthrie said ‘Ain’t Nothin’ goin’ on but the rent’ but she obviously didn't have the kinda day I had. First I got Jay Z tickets, but better than that - I went to Pret-a-Manger for my lunch. Crazy.

Here are some Pret facts for you :-
- To get a job at Pret-a-Manger you have a one day trial and then the staff actually vote if they like you or not. A bit like Big Brother – but in reverse. And with sandwiches.

- Today’s soup was Carrot and Coriander. I gave it a miss.

- Pret-a-Manger literally means ‘ready to eat’. I mean, how more direct do you want it ?! It’s like calling a toy store something mental like ‘Toys R Us’. But in French.

- The name ‘Pret a manger’ is slowly being phased out and your local one might actually now be just a ‘Pret’. Please check on your next visit. For this reason the rest of the blog I will adhere to this and they will now only be referred to as ‘Pret’ only.

- I’ve heard in London you are only 3 feet away at any time from a rat. The same could (probably) be said for a branch of Pret in London. If you see a rat in Pret, please let me know.

- Whilst the movie Pret-a-Porter might have gone down well in the States (2 Golden Globes), Pret didn’t. US expansion losses made the company as a whole turnover a loss in 2003.

- Pret sold to a private equity firm for £350m in 2008. The only thing of similar value I could equate this to was Liverpool FC’s debt of the same amount.

- Be careful. The company name PRET could also be confused with a company called ‘Peace Research and Education Trust’. They do tons of good stuff about stopping wars and tanks, so don’t go to them for a sandwich.

- My favourite sandwich is tuna and cucumber. I’ve read reports that tuna fishing is unsustainable but I’ve heard nothing about the cucumbers? I hope they are not under threat also.

- My lunch (pictured above) cost £4.20.

- Also, their website advertises jobs by saying :- ‘We wear jeans, we have legendary parties’. They ain't lying, man. Check this out :-


  1. Awesome post Grunders. This is the kind of snappily written inane drivel that Mance can only dream of producing. I just can't seem to get enough etc.

  2. Wow I never knew I needed to know that until just now. This post was a little like Tesco in that respect.

    Another fact:- Pret (a manger) was one of the key Client briefs at Uni that got me my 1st. Thanks Pret if you're reading this.

  3. Cucumber fishing is entirely sustainable, as long as the cucumbers are "line-caught".
    Net-fishing for cucumbers has been phased out, apart from certain areas in the Northern Pacific, to protect the delphinium population.

    Next time you are at Pret, be sure to check that your sandwich only contains "Delphinium-friendly Cucumber".