Thursday, November 12, 2009

If you like laughing at humour, you'll love this

I like having fun and laughing at humorous things. Maybe you do too?

I found this on Think Chimp which is also humorous.


  1. From one ruralist to another, I noticed you didn’t mention anything of the tar barrels this year! Looks like the little blighters burnt down the old fire station. Good night though.


  2. I heard about the aerosol can in the tar barrel (and saw the youtube video - yikes!) but didn't know about the fire station. is that the one near the lamb and flag?
    I'm glad I'm out of that town, it's too rough. Give me Holloway Road any day. I guess if you can't handle the rural heat, stay out of the, erm, field

  3. I think we Americans have finally found the formula that Brits have long used in comedy: make it uncomfortable and almost creepy in its absurdity and the people will laugh - uncomfortably.