Friday, November 27, 2009

My special friend

As the regular readers of this blog will know (or would-be regular readers if I still regularly wrote), I have a special friend.

We began blogging around the same time and have developed a ‘special relationship’. A relationship built on mutual respect and admiration that has at times bordered on the homoerotic.

His name is Adland Suit.

Now everyone knows that account men spend all their time gadding about in tight trousers and pointy shoes talking loudly about how marvellous they are.

So it comes as a massive shock to see one doing something worthwhile.

He’s decided to give up his anonymity. And, worried that unveiling his true identity will be a crushing disappointment (and rightly so, I know who he is and he really is eye-wateringly dull) he’s decided to at least make some money for a good cause from it.

So here’s the plan. We all donate a couple of quid to Marie Curie and in exchange he’ll reveal himself. And buy us a beer. Plus, the biggest donator gets taken out for lunch (charged to one of his clients).

So come on people of adland, don’t delay, donate today!!!!!!


  1. I concur, my good sir. My relationship with the headless dullard is a virtual one though. But, Like Thai Brides (but unlike most suits) he gives me pleasure on a regular basis which is worth the donation alone.

    To read my tribute to the man, and the rest of my brilliant blog, voted Number 1 Creative blog in the world, simply click here:

    Well done Mr AdLand for your awesome idea. I'll tip my jaunty hat to you over that beer.

  2. I agree whole heartedly. My relationship with Adland Suit too is reserved to Twitter, though continually envokes different emotions within me... hapiness, joy... mostly frustration from having my Twitter feed covered with updates about X factor.

    I am definitely going to donate and cannot wait to meet the man over a drink and congratulate him on a great idea.

    His brilliance will surely fill the pub.