Monday, September 27, 2010

Rise of the Machines at Sainsbury's

That’s right. My local Sainsbury's is the latest to turn from a shop into a MACHINE.

Look on in horror friends, for this is how it begins.

One moment, a till is politely asking you to insert your card.

The next thing you know, a T-800 is pointing an Uzi in your face and asking if your name’s Sarah Connor.

These machines don't feel pain. Or remorse. They are relentless. And they WILL NOT STOP until you have scanned your item and placed it in the baggage area.

I remember a time when humans would serve you. They would exchange items for real actual money you know.

But a day is coming when my little girl will ask me "Daddy, what's a human being?"

And I will answer, with a tear in my eye, "They are extinct, my child".


  1. I hate those things. It's the snotty way they order you about…

  2. this i s my local sainsbury's too and frankly anything that replaces the staff is welcome. Now for the annoying change collectors that make me feel bad for never carrying cash....

  3. "Unexpected item in the blogging area..."