Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New kid on the blog

Why in the name of the seven mad dogs of the sea would anyone want to be a suit?
It’s a question I’ve often asked colleagues and no one’s been able to give me a credible answer. Until, that is, the arrival of my new best friend Adland suit.
For a minute I almost believed him, too. Then I came to my senses and realised he was using those special suit-jedi mind tricks that suits use when convincing clients my work is good.
I suppose this post is part reciprocal-back-scratchingery. But even before he nominated me for blog of the month (harshly rejected by that rule-happy nazi with a goatee) I was genuinely delighted by just how good this blog is. Really good writing. You know, for a suit.
Hang tough, Adland suit


  1. I'm a little bit lost for words, and extremely touched. Were I not, as a Suit, utterly incapable of any outward displays of emotion, I'd probably blush. As it is, I shall humbly (you know, for a Suit) accept the kind words and crack on. Needless to say, this post is very much appreciated.

  2. I worry it's all getting a little homoerotic now. Oh well. Have a top weekend!

  3. I’ve got us a room. Can you sneak it in as client expenses?

  4. It's what client expenses were invented for. Sort of. (That and coke/strippers.)