Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hettie Wainthropp Investigates!

The office is abuzz today with talk of a daring smash-and-grab raid on RealMenWriteLongCopy Towers over the weekend.
They took Art Director’s laptop, which, considering it was held together with string and ran on diesel, suggests we are not dealing with criminal masterminds. The great thing is, now and then I hear groans from the other side of the desk as he remembers another bit of work he failed to save to the server. When will he learn?
I’m still in the preliminary stages of my investigation but I think we can safely rule out intellectual theft, as they took a planner’s computer. My ‘book of ideas’ was also left completely untouched.
Look out for the 24-hour news ticker running at the bottom of the page, bringing you more on this story as it breaks.

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