Friday, November 23, 2012

Guess Whose Loos

Welcome to another exciting new series!


Guess Whose Loos is the exciting new industry–wide quiz that tests both your powers of deduction and industry knowledge.

Every few days I’ll feature new toilets, along with clues as to the agency it serves. (I’ll make some of them multi-choice so it’s not too difficult.)

You post your answer in the comments. Everyone who gets it right will be entered into a draw to WIN a signed RealMenWriteLongCopy toilet brush.

So here we go with our first loo. I’ve made this first one easy.

Note the industrial feel. It’s obviously not a new building and with that many stalls, it’s clearly not a small agency. Also, although it’s not really coming across from the picture, there’s an odour that makes me suspect someone’s had a curry.

Loo two is multiple choice.

This toilet is one of the big names and has lots of crazy stories of its glory days. Is it:
a: Saatchi & Saatchi
b: Wieden + Kennedy
c: Y&R

Over to you, loo-choosers!

Would you like your toilet to be featured in Guess Whose Loos? (Answer: Yes)

It’s great to finally have a use for all the photos of toilets I have on my phone. However I don’t have an infinite supply so if you’d like your agency toilet to be featured (which I know you would) then please send a high-quality image to dave[at]davemance[dot]com

I'm particularly looking for female contributors, as there is a slight gender bias here. Also, it'd be great to have contributors from overseas – let's make this thing go global people.


  1. The first one nis definitely not Sapient. I know that much.

  2. From your hint I'm thinking the second one might be Saatchi?

    1. I don't like the name you've given yourself here, suggesting that I'm anonymously commenting on my own blog like some saddo. Which I'm definitely not.

  3. Is the first one LBi? Given their proximity to Brick Lane and the stench of curry, one imagines they'd be needing some industrial strength set ups.

  4. Tremendous effort Dave. Guess Whose Loos is the work of an epically bored man with a mind like a steel trap. Promotional genius - a slice of ad magic. Except that first one is clearly Watford Gap services, and if I didn't know better I'd swear blind the 2nd one is where I saw you last (washing your hands) TMW. You sly trickster.

  5. First off, you can't ask me! That's not how a quiz works.
    Secondly, you need to enter PROPERLY and include your actual name. So far only Si has done that and his answers are rubbish.
    At this rate NO ONE is getting a signed toilet brush – this is not an idle threat.

  6. The first one looks like the sort of unisex toilet you find in a dalston basement where bad things happen.

  7. The first one is definitely LBi! Had I known you were looking for bog snaps before my last visit there I would have papped the ladies' too. Although, they look almost exactly the same to be fair...