Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bloggers Unblogged and Tone of Voice

Last week I met a fellow blogger in the ACTUAL world.

It’s the first time that’s happened. I found it interesting to note the difference between his on-screen persona (thoughtful and provocative) and off-screen (a bit like an enthusiastic, hyperactive child – in a good way).

I got a bit self-conscious wondering whether in the real world I lived up to the dull, petty-minded ‘virtual’ me. He kindly reassured me I did.

On a separate note, I just realised he has another blog, with a whole different persona (angry and very funny) at youpissedmeoffyoubastard. Which is a nice example of developing more than one tone of voice using only one brain and set of typing pinkies. Well worth a look.

Sadly he can no longer post to this blog because he lost the password and Blogger would only send it to his old email address. That's got me worried now. I have no idea what my password is.


  1. As the blogger mentioned, can I first thank you for your description of me, both of them - I shall take them as being complimentary. In fact, I'm flattered, usually people find room for a swear word or two

    I can also vouch that you came across as thoughtful, insightful, intelligent and calm. Something to do with your choice of beverage perhaps.

    Anyway it was pleasure meeting you, sir.

  2. In case anyone’s wondering, I was drinking Babycham.

  3. Nothing wrong with Babycham...

    ...as long as it's in a dirty glass.