Thursday, July 23, 2009

Overwhelming flood of support - thank you!

My post campaigning for employee rights at RMWLC Towers (you can read more two posts down) has provoked an astonishing and quite wonderful reaction.

Thank you all for your messages of love and support. It’s no small comfort to me to know that, though I sometimes feel like I’m fighting this reduced-breakfast-bowl-battle alone, I do in fact have a legion of you, my supporting angels, behind me.

Of course, it’s not just support from you the common man. Some of adland’s glitterati are also standing alongside me. Only this morning, Charles Saatchi came out in support, penning this rather moving and original piece for the campaign.

First they took away the soya milk, And I didn’t speak up because I don’t have soya milk in my latté;

Then they took away the Dorset Cereals, And I didn’t speak up because I’m not a big muesli fan;

And then they limited the number of salads to five, And I didn’t speak up because I don’t do garnish;

And then... they reduced my breakfast bowl’s size by 3mm... And by that time there was no one left to speak up.

Touchingly, even the young can sympathise with my plight. Baby Realmenwritelongcopy has sent in this heartwarming message.

Please keep the beautiful expressions of solidarity flooding in. You can post in the comments section or email your support to

You are all beautiful, beautiful people.

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