Friday, January 23, 2009

Dark thoughts

Today the AD is off. Bad news.
For starters, I have to make my own tea.
But far worse than that, it means Traffic are collecting up every last scrappy crappy little copy job for me to do.
And when they’re done with that, they’ll invite me to a brainstorm.
Has anything good ever come out of a brainstorm? Seriously.
I can’t help feeling this day will end badly. I had a dream last night. I was standing in a line with other copywriters on my old primary school playground. Then they started picking. The dream ended with a kick from Mrs Realmenwritelongcopy but I just know I got picked last.


  1. The answer is yes, The Simpsons, The Wire, The Sopranos etc.

    The problem in adland (god how I hate that phrase) lies with the attitude we bring to such meetings and the way they are chaired.

    All American TV series are written with a team of writers brainstorming ideas and plots and subplots etc. No one cares about the quality of the biscuits and instead there is a mutual respect for the talent of the people in the room. And there is a single strong leader who makes decisions and delegates development.

    The system obviously works as it produces consistently brilliant work.

    Now, I could be wrong and it only works when you have The at the beginning of the product.

  2. Hey, welcome to my world. I don't have an AD yet, so that's my day every day.

  3. Simon
    Yes those are some pretty special examples and it’s probably not just the The.
    For me the reason they don’t work is that we don’t do them enough. They’re so unusual that we spend the whole time tripping over the format rather than actually coming up with ideas. If I did brainstorms a few times a week, I’m sure it’d become a fruitful use of time. As it is, I do one a month and they’re just weird.