Monday, January 12, 2009

These aren’t just any job cuts…

The Guardian reports:
The BBC has caused anger after broadcasting a spoof advertisement that seemed to make fun of Marks & Spencer staff who have lost their jobs. BBC Radio Solent made a version of the M&S ads with a voice saying: "These are not just any job cuts, these are M&S job cuts."
(Needless to say, The Daily Heil was outraged, which proves it was funny.)

Gallows humour, it’s what makes this country great. On a separate note, Marks and Spencer should be delighted that they’ve got a line which has entered the national lexicon. It’s viral marketing in the old-fashioned sense (although admittedly, only one step away from “Wiz zeeze ferrero rocher you are really spoiling us”). Instead I think they’ve scrapped the Dervla Kirwin voice overs in favour of David Jason. Fricking sacrilege.

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