Monday, January 19, 2009

Envy and malice

I sent this round to my work chums earlier, because it is unquestionably utterly unbelievably brilliant.
A young graduate here replied that he knows the guys who did it, they had been on his course, "Really chuffed for them, they're two very talented guys" he said.
I replied that I hated them.
He confessed that, yes, he felt the same.
You see? It's just so much better when we express our jealousy, hatred and insecurity. It's healthy.
Let's hope these guys spend the rest of their lives paralysed with the fear of having to follow this up and we see them sitting on a bench in Soho Square soon, sipping Purple Tin and scaring passers-by with drunken renditions of 'The only way is up'.


  1. Saw this for the first time yesterday. I love it. And yes, I hate them.

  2. Funny thing, this. I think the jealousy is stemmed by the fact that flashmobbing's been around for a while, so why nobody thought to put it to work before I don't know. Good on them! And they didn't scrimp on the execution, not in the least. The coming success will be rightly deserved.

    Keep up the good work Dave. It's nice to hear what you guys are up to!

  3. @Jam... Flashmobbing has been around for ages, and I'm pretty sure that it's been used in a campaign before. However, my memory has failed on me this time.

    I hate them too. Bunch of cunts. Ok, I don't know them and they are probably not cunts.

    I shall now go back under my rock.