Thursday, January 8, 2009

The focus group’s choice

Airmiles is a brilliant product (I know because I started collecting as a result of reading the brief).
We did tons of ads for this brief over several months. Those executions were a lot more engaging and would have got people talking down the pub. But in research people were still scratching their heads wondering what the hell the product is.
So here’s the focus group’s choice. If you don’t like it, blame them.
Top work on the animation by Studio AKA, who turned it around in no time with good grace.


  1. Nice animation!
    Not wild about the product though. Is it really a brilliant idea to encourage people to fly? I don't know if perhaps this is a bigger thing here in Sweden, but flying is becoming something you really don't brag about. Going away for the weekend to Paris is now more seen as a environmental crime than a sign of freedom. (At least by the swedish middle class...)
    I think a spot like this would take some beating here, at least on blogs. Not because the execution isn't interesting enough, but because of the global warming...

  2. Haha! That's where you're wrong! The beautiful thing about this product is that AIRMILES actually gives people the EMPTY seats on flights. Brilliant huh?
    Which begs the question, why not put that in the advert? Well, because we already rammed a helluvalot in there and people are more interested in the fact they get free flights than that it's an environmentally sound way to fly – that's just human nature innit.
    maybe they should launch in Sweden with that proposition though?

  3. Oh, that makes all the difference of course. ALL the difference.

    I hate insights like that: what really SHOULD sell a product isn't doing the trick because people are greedy/stupid/human...
    But I don't think I overestimate the swedish people when I say that the "green flying" approach would work much better here. In my opinion, without it the whole thing just seems wrong.