Monday, January 19, 2009

Dystopian horror at Lyddle End

I was up late finishing off my contribution to Russell Davies’ beautiful and spectacularly pointless crowd sourcing project, Lyddle End 2050.
In a nutshell, participants are each given a piece from the Hornby Lyddle End range and asked to doctor the building to create their vision of what the village will look like in 41 years time. There’s already some lovely contributions.
This chap has created a Dairy Tree, for ‘a convenient supply of freshly squeezed milk’.

And this guy came up with a unique answer to your home using up its local resources, ‘your cottage will simply get up and walk (or run!)’.

But my favourite has to be the Fabricator Tuck Shop.
Anyway, I was very excited to be given the Main Terminus Building. Here’s my two penneth.

The year 2050. The post-apocalyptic dystopian society of Lyddle End, where the ruling power is gathered behind the sinister pseudonym of 60s crooner and averagely-liked talk show host, Des O’Connor.
The Main Terminus Building is the most feared building in all Lyddle End. For it is from here that the Sunshine of Love Express departs to take away Lyddle End un-persons found to be or believed to be resistant of Des’s beneficent love.
No one knows what goes on in Happiness and Heartaches, the train’s destination, as no one has ever returned. Some say un-persons are subjected to a 24-hour loop of Des’s definitive 1967 rendition of Danny Boy. Others that their hopelessness is extracted and used to fuel the Sunshine of Love Express (as all remaining natural resources are directed towards the state’s war with the world’s other remaining superpower, Rod Hull and Emu).
Looking at the fruits of my labour in the cold light of day, I feel confident this was time WELL SPENT.

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