Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lovely flowing words (not mine)

The other day I had to write some copy for Visit Wales and, like a conscientious professional, asked for some previous work to get an idea of tone of voice.
I was horrified to be given a mailpack filled with copy that flowed so beautifully, I could only imagine it had been squeezed in one go, like eloquent toothpaste, directly out of the copywriter’s brain and onto the page.
Here’s an example.
Now it’s getting dark earlier, there’s more to see in Wales. You can even see a dragon on clear nights (that’s the Draco star constellation). We’ve some of the lowest light pollution anywhere. But if it’s cloudy, look for the plough instead. (It’s the 7th most common pub name.) Finding space inside should be easy too. There’ll be more seats by the fire. And more beers to choose from. Our seasonal ales have just been brewed with fresh green hops. In fact, the only thing you won’t see more of here is crowds. That’s why autumn is our peak season.

Beautiful. There are more ideas in that passage than some creatives have in their books.
Also, can you imagine putting a para break in there? You’d need a scalpel and a surgeon’s steady hand to find the exact spot where one thought ends and the next begins. Getting copy to flow effortlessly like that is one of the hardest things to do.
The guy that wrote it (Dan Wright) no longer works here. That’s because after writing this piece, he knew he’d penned perfection and was driven mad by his own genius before eventually killing himself. Either that or he went to work at Lida for a fat payrise.


  1. Eloquent toothpaste, indeed.

    That is beautiful writing - honest and unsalesman-like.

    Tripped over your blog over at Scamp's and was drawn by the "write long copy" bit of your title. Love it.

  2. How refreshing it is to see someone who can write in this industry. How amazing it is to see someone notice it. Craft is everything.