Friday, January 9, 2009

DM creatives. Parasites on the arse of humanity

This superb post by Not Voodoo about DM agencies and their utter fecklessness had me chuckling with mirth one moment and quivering with rage the next. I started out writing a comment but it got so long I decided to make it into a full-blown post (also I’m hoping that by linking back, I may lure my first-ever reader).

It’s definitely true that we letter writers have an inferiority complex the size of Soho towards ATL-ers. But as Gordon also says, the whole ad industry is a social pariah. ATL creatives have an inferiority complex too, only theirs is towards those higher up in the career-perception pecking order – novel writers, film directors, or whatever. Presumably, there’s some group of professionals who feel inferior to us. Prison guards, perhaps. Or McDonald’s employees (the ones who do the rubbish and the toilets – maybe not the ones at the tills with five stars on their badge).

The reality is, there’s not that much difference. If you were magically transported into our department, then the creative department of WCRS downstairs, I’m not sure you’d be able to tell which one's which. The main difference between my mates who went ATL and those that went below is that they were willing to be unemployed for two years after college. And their egos were approximately 2,000% larger.

Anyway, thanks for a funny post Gordon.
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