Thursday, January 15, 2009

Workplace high jinx

For some time at Partners, I presided over daily Treat Time.
This would consist of putting on the Treat Monitor Sash and spinning the Treat Wheel (pictured) to the backing track of the Treat Song (the intro. to The Jackson Five’s Rockin’ Robin, seeing as you ask). If the wheel landed on Treat, I would then take out the Treat Box and allocate one Treat (a Treat is defined as something of a confectionery nature e.g. biscuit/cake/chocolate bar) per person.
This daily distraction served two purposes. One, to regulate our sugar intake which would otherwise get completely out of hand. And two, to punctuate sleepy afternoons with the nervous thrill of ‘will we?/won’t we?’
Sadly, Treat Time was abandoned after a few silly individuals (read studio, it’s always studio) spoilt it for everyone else.
So I was wondering who else has this kid of dumb office ritual? I know it’s not just here, because I’ve heard word of our cousins at OgilvyOne running a biscuit FA Cup (based on a taste-off model, followed by dunk-off in the event of a tie).
What do you do to break up the working day? Balancing the bullet-point on your nose? Pet-stroking hour? Knock-and-run on the CEO’s door?
That’s right, I’m asking for your comments. Now I’ve got ACTUAL PEOPLE reading this blog, I thought I’d give it a go. Don’t leave me hanging here people.


  1. It's 'dress up' thing here. One of my pet hates. Used to be the first Thursday of every month with a theme drawn out of a hat. I don't really want to see my colleagues in their pajamas - or lack thereof.

    At a previous agency the 'cock up' award (complete anatomically correct statue) was given out weekly to the prize idiot - that used to be a good laugh.

  2. I love the cock-up award – although I can't help feeling they could have pushed it a bit. For example, you could make the winner wear a head-to-toe penis costume (a cock-stume, if you will) for the entire month. That'd raise the stakes. When prospective come in you could point to it as an example of how seriously the agency takes the pursuit of excellence.

  3. We used to have Cake Thursday. Our Creative Director's PA would come round to all of our desks, write down our cake choice (Custard Slice, Belgian Bun as backup) then pop down to the bakery round the corner.

    Good times.

    My current agency keeps the biscuits locked in the 'Meetings Only' cupboard. The lock is implausibly hard to prise open. And creatives are rarely allowed in front of important clients - so no biscuits for me!