Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The right to work

I did this for The Refugee Council a while back, they loved it and then didn't run it. I never really found out why but thought I'd stick it up anyway, perhaps for all those human rights activists who regularly visit my blog to spot and decide to run on behalf of their charity.


  1. o hai, did you know that it's impossible to subscribe to your RSS? because I totally tried like 3 times :D
    so drop me a note after you fix it or something, because I really want to subscribe to it, thanks :)

  2. I have to ask - who exactly are you? I was doing work experience at PAA a few months ago, and feel bad I can't work out who! :)

  3. Hi Nemezide
    I think I've done it right now. can you try it and let me know? thanks for being my first ever subscriber!

  4. Hai, thanks, it works now :) when I first tried to subscribe, it did not appear in my reader at first, and later it did but as "title unknown", and now I tried it again and it's all cool :)