Friday, January 30, 2009

I care

Mini Mance cares

This chap Marcus, in Germany, met a single mum suffering from cancer. She feels alone and that no one cares. And in a fit of wanting to do something actually useful with this internet thing, he’s asking folks to say they care.
I started to automatically filter out his message like every other ask for help, assuming he wanted money, ‘there’s lots of needs, can’t help everyone, I’m a cold-hearted bastard, etc.’ But then I saw the posts people had made and I thought it was a BEAUTIFUL THING.
He’s not asking for money. And so if all he’s asking is that people say they care, why the heck not? (Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Baby Realmenwritelongcopy to take a photo of me holding the sign, so I had to take one of her. But it’s close enough.)
The funny thing is, now I’ve become involved, I definitely would give money if Marcus sets up a way of doing that.
It’s a very interesting example of how by involving people in something, you can get past those initial defences. Even with self-centred, avaricious assholes like myself.